Arthur M. Richard in Cincinnati, OH takes your financial and legal issues as seriously as you do.
After practicing Bankruptcy Law for over 20 years and representing hundreds of clients, he has the background to explain all of your financial and budgetary alternatives and will suggest the best solution to fit your financial difficulties.
It is best to speak with an attorney who practices primarily in Bankruptcy; Bankruptcy Law is complex and Congress is in the process of restructuring the law, and you will need someone who deals with these issues on a daily basis.

I Will Take the Time to Talk With You
With a lot of bankruptcy attorneys, you deal with their secretary or paralegal, and when and if you do speak with the attorney, it will be a rushed call. He understands that your legal issues are more important than that.
As his client, you will directly speak with him only and he is available 7 days a week. He takes the time to talk with you, so that you understand and feel more comfortable with your bankruptcy.

Affordable Attorney Fees & Payment Plans
Most bankruptcy attorneys in the Cincinnati and Dayton OH area ask for all or half the fees before they even become your attorney. He only asks for a small down payment for you to retain my services. He will set you up on an affordable payment plan in order for you to pay his reasonable fees.
For as little as $100, he will start examining your legal issues and working on your case, allowing you to have your creditors call me, and he will take your creditor’s calls so you don’t have to deal with their harassment. Also, this gets the ball rolling in getting your petition completed. Further, in certain emergency circumstances, a fee arrangement will be done to get your bankruptcy filed more quickly.
In Chapter 13 cases, most of your fees are paid, interest free, through your Chapter 13 repayment plan. You will find that his Chapter 7 fees are competitive as well as affordable.

Personal Commitment
Arthur M. Richard is committed to maintaining the highest standards of customer service and professionalism for his clients in all bankruptcy related matters. We aim for constant improvement and encourage feedback from our clients so that we can provide consistent financial and budgetary advice. Arthur M. Richard is always refining his approach as the Bankruptcy Law is complex and Congress is in the process of restructuring it.
It is in your best interest to seek advice for your financial and legal issues from a firm that deals with bankruptcy issues on a daily basis.